Revolutionary Lines

By Mango Thunderslice

* * *

I Am No Patriot! Nay, I Shun the Nation,

And will Participate in Nobody’s Cuntery.

How Far We Have Fallen, From Those

Brazen Words of Old, Some Satanic Ink and

Paper Claim to Be as Good as Gold.

And Yet, Yea! How Far We’ve Risen,

From These Barbaries of Yore, For Now

The Ink & Paper Supersede the Blood & Gore.

And Little Blinking Lights, Ones & Zeroes in a Code,

Move with Such Ferocity as the Swords of Old.

Power is a Pattern, A Picture of Our Thought, and

A Compelling Imagination is All Anyone Has Got.

From the Vicious Doves of Washington,

To Fake Crowns in Ancient Lands,

To the Paper Sea Where All Roads Run,

Only A Story Stands.

The Story of Our People,

And From Whom We Do Ascend,

A Story Quite Restricting,

A Story to Transcend.

For While It All Seems Random, Willful Truth Unfolds,

Only Seen By Seekers Whose Truth the Iris Holds.

The Truth of Secret Fire, A Pyramid Inside, Whose

Capstone Perceives Everything That Happens

On the Ride. He Who Hears the Voice Within,

And Learns to Listen Still, Shall Have the Gift

That All Men Crave, the Sacred Gift of Will.

He Shall Have No Need of Money, But Easy

Will It Swing, For He Generates the Honey,

Currency of Kings. A Honey of the Mind,

And of the Heart and Soul, Transmuted Through

the Body, Along an Astral Pole, A Silver-bluish

String, that Runs Through Everything:

That Man Shall Be His King Again,

Who Learns To Love To Sing.




Several months ago, I made the decision to adopt my real name, Mango Thunderslice, as my digital identity on the social media website known as Facebook. Though countless others on the site go by names that do not appear on their birth certificate, I have been banned from Facebook for doing so. For your education and entertainment, here is the interaction.

* I change my Facebook profile name from my legal name to Mango Thunderslice. *

APRIL 20, 2015:

Facebook locks out user access for profile name Mango Thunderslice, demands following forms of identification:

Option 1

We will accept any government-issued ID that contains your name and date of birth. Examples include:

  • Birth certificate
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Marriage certificate
  • Official name change paperwork
  • Personal or vehicle insurance card
  • Non-driver’s government ID (ex: disability, SNAP card, national ID card)
  • Green card, residence permit or immigration papers
  • Tribal identification or status card
  • Voter ID card

Option 2

You can provide two different forms of ID from the following list (ex: a bank statement and a library card, but not two bank statements). The names on your IDs must match each other, and one of the IDs must include a photo or date of birth that matches the information on your profile.

Below are some examples of IDs we’ll accept:

  • Bank statement
  • Bus card
  • Check
  • Credit card
  • Employment verification
  • Library card
  • Mail
  • Magazine subscription stub
  • Medical record
  • Membership ID (ex: pension card, union membership, work ID, professional ID)
  • Paycheck stub
  • Permit
  • School card
  • School record
  • Social Security card
  • Utility bill
  • Yearbook photo (actual scan or photograph of the page in your yearbook)

Option 3

If you don’t have an ID that shows your authentic name as well as your photo or date of birth, you can provide two forms of ID from Option 2 above, and then provide a government ID that includes a date of birth or photo that matches the information on your profile. We won’t add the name or other information from the government ID to your account.

APRIL 21, 2015:

Mango Thunderslice uploads a photo in response to Facebook’s demand.


APRIL 23, 2015, 9:21 AM:

Facebook responds to Mango’s photo upload:


Thanks for contacting us. At this time, we can’t verify your name. It might be because it doesn’t follow our name standards and has:

– Symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, repeating characters or punctuation
– Characters from multiple languages
– Titles of any kind (ex: professional, religious)
– More than one person’s name, because Facebook accounts are for individual use

Facebook is a place where people use their authentic identities, and we want to make sure you can use yours.

If this is the name you are known by in everyday life, please help us verify it by attaching a copy of an ID that shows your name, photo and date of birth in a reply to this email.

Nicheal B
Community Operator

APRIL 23, 2015, 12:13 AM:

Mango responds to Facebook:

I, who shall not be with Legal Name.
The identification you request identifies a legal person.
The legal name fraud by converting living souls to legal persons through birth certificates, is revealed.
As known, all contracts based on fraud, is null and void, when the fraud is revealed.
I’m not a crook, and therefore without ID.
All names can be assumed/presumed to be a legal name which actually put you in a position of aiding and abetting fraud which is a felony, of which you are completely liable for in your private capacity.
What you decide to do from here is entirely up to you.

Definition legal person: An entity, such as a corporation, created by law and given certain legal rights and duties of a human being; a being, real or imaginary, who for the purpose of legal reasoning is treated more or less as a human being.

For more information, see attached file.


APRIL 24, 2015:

* Facebook closes the case, indicating a final judgment. *

APRIL 25, 2015, 6:13 PM:

Mango re-opens the case and responds to Facebook:

Mango is the name I am known by. I do not have identification by this identity. It seems a very dubious policy to require government issued identification for something as trivial as participating in a social networking website. If you won’t re-open my page on your website under my true name, Mango Thunderslice, then I am happy to leave and never return. If Facebook is now so thoroughly co-opted into the state surveillance machine, then I am certain that many others will be leaving this social network with ever increasing frequency. I would be happy to be wrong here, and appreciative if you would do me the courtesy of unlocking my Facebook account so that I may continue to enjoy the services you provide.

I will not, however, comply with a policy that seeks to aid and abet me in committing fraud, as has been made clear. This message is proof enough of my name and existence.

APRIL 26, 2015:

* Facebook closes the case again. *

APRIL 26, 2015, 9:15 AM:

Mango re-opens the case again, and responds:

I had just begun to start using Facebook ads to promote posts, too bad your business model now includes locking out paying customers on a whim. I can interact with thousands of different businesses without providing state issued ID, both here in my town and on the web, yet I cannot use a social networking site without providing a passport and a bank statement. Hmm…

The least you could do as courtesy to a paying customer is to provide me the zip file of my profile, so that I can retain my photos and messages from friends so that I can migrate over to the next generation of social networking unencumbered by draconian identification policies.

Or you could ignore this request and close the case again like a soulless robot, your call.

APRIL 27, 2015:

* Facebook lackey, ‘Community Operator Nicheal’, closes the case a third time. *

APRIL 28, 2015, 9:27 AM:

Mango re-opens the case, and responds:

Alright, Robo-Nicheal it is! In that case, I’m going to keep educating you on the legal name fraud until you either unlock my account or send me the zip file of my profile. Ready, Robo-Nicheal? Here goes.

Attached is a snippet from a document published by the UK government in 1998 titled ‘Crown Copyright in the Information Age’. Annex A lists types of documents that are covered by Crown copyright. Included in that list are, “Birth, death, and marriage certificates, driving licenses, and passports.”

So there it is, the document that contains the legal name each of us was assigned at birth by our parents, is also the one that registered the legal name with the Crown corporation as their chattel property to be used as collateral on the debt of the nation that claims us. Each of us is assigned further a bond value, an expected amount in dollars or other currency that can be squeezed from us over the course of our lives through taxes, fines, fees, etc. It is precisely because we endlessly consent to be and represent the legal name in the course of our lives that the scam works and we bleed cash to these bureaucratic vampires every day like good little slaves.

On the birth certificate, it also says, “not to be used for identification purposes”. Yet it is this document that is needed to acquire other forms of identification, like a driver license or passport. So, in order to procure the forms of identification you request, Robo-Nicheal, I would first have to take a legal name from a birth certificate (Crown copyright material) and go claim the contents therein as my own (commit fraud) in order to procure a piece of plastic with my face on it and a fancy government seal in order to prove to you that I am, in fact, myself.

Can you see why this policy is not only senseless but illegal, Robo-Nicheal? Facebook is neither a bank nor a hospital, and has no right to demand identification from any of its users. Even if Facebook was privileged in its function above other businesses (which it is not) then it is still fraudulent to claim a legal name as my own and prove it with material that is copyrighted by someone other than myself.

So that’s lesson one. If you prefer, you can unlock my profile and I can keep educating you on the legal name fraud. These outcomes need not be mutually exclusive! Your call, brother. I would at least like to have the zip file, though.

photo (1)


* Community Operator Nicheal closes the case again. *

MAY 4, 2015, 9:53 AM:

Alright Community Operator Nicheal, time for lesson two. This one isn’t as much about the legal name fraud as much as it is about the fact that Facebook’s policy in this matter is idiotic, as well as the fact that I am not even transgressing it.

Even the names we are given at birth by our parents are words with affectionate meaning attached to them. Usually they are from some ancient language that our ancestors spoke before entering the modern imperial world and registering the family name as Crown property aka ‘gaining citizenship’. My own name that my family gave me means “Kind Son of Carthaigh”. Carthaigh was a name of an Irish saint (two of them actually, in different centuries) and his progeny are numerous on that island. In fact, my family name is the most common of all surnames in certain counties there.

My first name, given by family, is one of the top 100 most common names in at least ten countries around the world. The legal name I was given at birth is shared by tens if not hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, including politicians and lesser known criminals. A google search of Mango Thunderslice yields only me, just me. So the notion that the name Mango violates the Facebook policy of using “more than one person’s name” is preposterous.

I have used no symbols, foreign characters, titles or other peoples’ names. I have used only that name which I prefer to be called by those whom I would call friends. In that spirit, I ask that you appeal to your fellow operatives at Facebook to waive the requirement to produce state identification in order to use the website.

Thank you for your time and consideration, sir Nicheal of the Facebook realm. May you recognize justice in the operation of your community.

– Mango


So I sent them the following ID card as a sovereign representation of my identity,


… and needless to say, I haven’t been back since.



Victory is Now
Mango Thunderslice

The Will is the Cause to every Effect,

The Wheel turns Cogs: they become

a Fact, and the Life you experience

Is the One that you select.

We are all tangled, bound unto a Knot,

Maybe birth’s a Choice, or it could be

Not. Perhaps I don’t remember, or

maybe then I Do, recall that I am

Here, just so I’d meet You.

Time is an illusion, I heard a wise Man tell,

But I found that Alarming, kind of like

a Bell. Memory’s an Echo, resounding

from the Core, an Act we play together

Now and forevermore.

My name is Always changing, None will ever Last,

A state of Mind arranging, Affection from the Past

and as We turn the Future, We let our mirror

Shine our picture on the pavement,

as the Planets dance aligned.

The Heart of all Creation, unfolds the Cosmos still,

We shall return to dust, and thus turn into Will,

and So the Cycle ends, Beginning fresh and

New: and so our sandy Castle,

becomes the Ocean blue.

Health, Jedi Tech

Jedi Tech: Colloidal Silver

With people starting to worry about the Ebola virus, now seems a fitting time to remind everyone that we have many powers and resources available to maintain health in any condition.

Today’s episode is about COLLOIDAL SILVER, an antibacterial substance used for thousands of years and experiencing a revival today as modern medicine wrestles with antibiotic-resistant ‘super-bug’ microbes causing disease. Colloidal silver is safe to use and easy to make at home with a bit of simple electrical equipment.

For thousands of years human beings have used silver for its antibacterial properties. Royal and aristocratic families dined with silver spoons, forks and knives because harmful bacteria do not proliferate on them, thus the use of silverware was a move motivated by good hygiene and cleanliness.

The Greeks and Romans, as well as Americans until the advent of refrigerators, used colloidal silver in a similar way by dropping a silver coin into containers of water or milk in order to prevent the growth of disease-causing microbes. From the royal families to the rural farmers, silver has been helping to keep humans healthy for a long time.

By the late 19th century, it was common medical knowledge that silver was able to kill disease-causing microbes. From 1900 to 1940, silver was the main antibiotic used in medical practice. Today medical authorities are struggling to repel a new class of microbes that resist even the strongest doses of conventional antibiotics. Even if the antibiotics succeed in killing the pathogen, the human patient’s beneficial gut bacteria also are killed as well.

Colloidal silver is useful for daily use as a topical skin disinfectant and cleaner, and internally as a boost for the immune system of the human body. Low doses of colloidal silver may be ingested daily to prevent infections without disturbing the beneficial microbes already inside the intestinal tract. Whereas antibiotics wreak havoc on the body’s natural defenses, colloidal silver can work as a complement to them.

The U.S. Department of Defense knows the value of silver in treating and preventing disease, even if the FDA bans colloidal silver manufacturers from making any medical claims about it. Colloidal silver is effective at stopping the proliferation of the Ebola virus and so the U.S. government is using it as a sanitation measure as the Ebola virus spreads throughout Africa.

While Ebola is one scary virus, it is not realistic to fear it. More concerning should be the antibiotic-resistant MRSA super-bug that has infected HALF of the United States supply of meat and poultry. MRSA has a mortality rate of 30%, and if you’re eating meat, then the risk of contracting an infection from it is far more of a risk than catching Ebola.

Big Pharma hates and fears Colloidal Silver, because it is more effective than any of their patented antibiotics for dealing with infections and diseases. They can’t make billions of dollars from Colloidal Silver because it can’t be patented as all their other antibiotic pharmaceuticals can, so expect to see a lot of disinformation and scare tactics while researching this topic for yourself on the internet.

The main fear that people have of Colloidal Silver from listening to the propaganda is that using it will turn one’s skin blue. The “Blue Man” Paul Karason has been the poster boy for the Big Pharma propaganda, despite the fact that he was not using colloidal silver, but an irresponsibly-made concoction of silver chloride, which is harmful to the body and can result in Argyria, the condition of skin turning blue.

By using only steam-distilled water, 99.99% pure silver electrodes, and exercising clean habits while producing colloidal silver at home, it is easy to make a batch of ionic colloidal silver that is safe to use without the risk of skin turning blue.

For those interested in using colloidal silver, there are many brands making an assortment of claims about their products. In comparing these brands, the greater the total reactive surface area of the silver ions and particles, the better. Here is a list of the primary manufacturers of colloidal silver and the reactive surface area of their respective products.

MesoSilver is made by Purest Colloids and has the greatest reactive surface area of any colloidal silver available on the market. They also manufacture a range of other colloidal minerals that are useful for health in other ways.

For those of you more inclined toward the Do-It-Yourself path like I am but looking for a more simple electrical setup, the LifeForce EZ-1 Colloidal Silver Generator is a great option to try at home.

Remember, friends, we are always in the control point of our own destiny, and we need never fear the media hype about this or that infectious disease. When we are grounded and balanced in our own Self, in full awareness of the vast, infinite powers of the Universe, there is nothing to Fear, least of all a tiny bacterium or virus.

‘Lose Fear, and Freedom is Yours.’

Much Love,

– Mango & Space Panther


Health, Philosophy, Vegan

Why I Am Vegan


It’s no secret that the world is distressed. Our food supply has been taken over by frankenfoods, the dollar continues to lose value, millions of people are killed as governments fight for power and resources, our oceans continue to be trashed on a daily basis (let’s not forget Fukushima is still dumping radioactive materials into the Pacific Ocean). It’s easy to become depressed and have a sense of helplessness when one realizes the vast number of problems in the world today. It’s true: there are a lot of things that we as invididuals have no control over. I can’t just call up Obama and ask him to stop killing little brown children, please, and thank you.

However, what we do have control over is how we spend our money and what we put in our bodies. Three times a day (maybe more), you can make the choice to better the world or to worsen it. Meat and it’s industry play a huge role in many social and environmental problems that we face. Animal agriculture is responsible for 51% of global greenhouse gases (including methane and nitrous oxide). Check out this infographic on what is takes to produce just one quater-pounder.


Besides using a vast amount of our precious resources, animal agriculture is responsible for a massive amount of toxic run-off. There are vast regions of the country where all life has died out because of the toxic run-off from the factory farms. The conditions in the factory farms are so horrible, that the animals would not survive long enough to make it to slaughter. For this reason,  80% of antibiotics produced in the United States are used in the meat and dairy industry. What comes in must come out, so the animal waste run-off is laden with antibiotics, hormones, and pesticide residues.

However, these antibiotics, hormones, and pesticides don’t all just pass through the animal’s body. They are ingrained in the muscle fibers of the animal and then are integrated into the person consuming it’s meat. Even if the meat were completely organic, meat is difficult for the digestive system to break down and can have many undesirable effects in the body. It is acidic and contributes to bone degradation and joint inflammation. There is no fiber in meat, so it needs help in order to pass through our 26 feet of intestines. Colon cancer is common in people who eat a meat-heavy diet.

So considering the amount of energy required for meat production, the problems inherent in meat consumption, and the level of suffering that accompanies the entire process, is this really what we as conscious humans want to be putting into our bodies? Is it any surprise that the countries with the highest rates of meat consumption also have the highest rates of heat disease and osteoporosis? The idea of karma, or reap what you sow, is perfectly demonstrated in the process of consuming flesh. The animals on factory farms are subjected to a miserable existence. The cruelty that takes place at these “farms” is almost unfathomable. Even animals who are raised more humanely still are sent to the same slaughter houses. On an energetic level, when one consumes animal products, one is putting pain, death, and torture, into their bodies. As the planetary consciousness rises, we should aspire to raise our own individual consiousness- a task that is hindered by the consumption of flesh based products.

There is so much pain and suffering in the world. With each bite of food, you can make the choice to continue to propagate this suffering and destruction, or you can choose to support a loving, sustainable way of life. The food we eat, the products we buy, and the clothes we wear are some of the few things that we actually do have control over. Since you are making this choice on a daily basis, choosing to live consciously and cruelty-free really can make a huge impact. Based on average meat consumption rates, it is estimated that each vegan saves 198 animals each year!

Also, a vegan diet is delicious. Once you decide not to make meat the center of your plate, you discover the thousands of plant foods you had previously overlooked. My meals as a vegan are so much more varied and exciting than they ever were on a meat centric diet.

So please, for your self, for the animals, and for the planet, consider switching to a plant based diet. Even if you can’t make the full transition right away, try to incorporate more plant based meals into your diet. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how tasty and satisfying vegan meals can be. Some of my favorite recipe blogs are:




Additionally, onegreenplanet.com has some awesome tips for transitioning to veganism along with hundreds of recipies.

Most importantly, remember to love each other and your self. Don’t ever forget your value as a conscious individual imbued with free-will. Your choices can and do span far and wide.


– Space Panther



Now we get into the first installment of the “Jedi Tech” series, showing simple ways of applying ancient wisdom to our technological world of Today. Grounding, or Earthing, is the practice of connecting to planet Earth by walking barefoot on bare earth to harmonize the biological cycles of the human body. Join us as we explore three different easy ways to remain Grounded as we lift off to Explore the Universe.

Grounding is a practice of connecting the human body to planet Earth. For most of human history, men and women regularly worked and played outdoors, in direct contact with the earth. Today we live in a world of technology, living mostly indoors and wearing shoes when we go outside.

Walking barefoot on bare earth is the simplest way to ground the human body. Most people feel good walking along a beach with bare feet. More than simply a placebo effect, the pleasure of walking barefoot is scientific. The human body receives electrons from the earth which can help the body deal with pain and reduce inflammation.

The mental and emotional stress of fast-paced life today causes many people to have trouble sleeping. Sleep cycles are guided by the circadian rhythm of the human body, with regular highs and lows of melatonin correlating with night and day. Stress, combined with the electromagnetic fields created by electronic devices, leads many people into a state of depression. In this electrically-depressed state, emotions lack vigor and life lacks taste. Re-connecting to the energy of Earth is a confirmed way to restore vitality to the body.

Juil is a shoe company that has made lines of footwear for men and women with copper pieces connecting the toes and heel of your foot to the earth below, enabling a healthy electrical ground to the body as we walk down our various paths of Life. Bypassing the insulated rubber of modern shoes is another way to maintain the benefits of grounding when walking barefoot becomes inconvenient.

Other materials that conduct electricity can be used inside the home to create a grounding effect while working inside or sleeping. Some companies make simple mats for your feet under the computer desk, yoga mats for athletic benefit, and mattress sheets for improving the quality of sleep.

Try it yourself! Walk barefoot on bare earth a few minutes each day. Notice the state of your emotions and the quality of your sleep. Health is a simple thing to keep when we listen to the cues provided by our own bodies. See what grounding can do for you and let us know your experience!


– Mango & Space Panther

Anarchism, Capitalism, Philosophy, Vegan




In a Universe of Infinite Possible Paths to Choose,

We humbly present to You, dear reader, a Philosophy of Balance.

Keep what you Will and Make it your Own.


First let’s define our terms:

ANARCHY = from Greek “No Ruler”, a state of human organization free from centralized directive authority.

VEGAN = a lifestyle philosophy striving to minimize animal suffering through conscious consumption.

CAPITALISM = economic system in which freely-contracting individuals trade value for mutual benefit.


Obviously these are three words that each stir controversy in the minds of many people. In the vocabulary of the modern Western citizen,  Anarchy is synonymous with destructive chaos, Vegan connotes an extreme and limiting dietary choice, and Capitalism is generally reviled as the origin of evil at worst and risky at best.

We seek to redeem these words.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor did it fall in a day. If we propose building a new world, we do so with the realization that it takes time and work. We may not know what the solutions to every problem are, but we do know that a peaceful planet is not capable of being achieved through violence and coercion. The pathology that seems to have taken the mind of the human species for the last few hundred years is that our lives consist of a solely material existence, and everything beyond the physically and scientifically provable is unreal. Every discovery, however, entails a revealing of how our previous understanding of a situation was wrong because of artificially narrow limitations in our perception of reality. The puzzle was incomplete, so to speak.

The time has come for the human species to cast off a few of the major shackles holding it back from an eminent accelerated course of evolution. The three pillars that shall be knocked down in this discourse are HUMAN SLAVERY, ANIMAL SLAVERY and DEBT-BASED MONEY. With this philosophical basis and context, our videos and writings will (hopefully) make more sense.

So here it is:



The natural state of human affairs is unconstrained by violent external force, in other words, all interactions are voluntary. Ireland existed as a complex culture and civilization without any central government authority for 9,000 years until 1640 AD when the English invaded, ending a longstanding tradition of Irish sovereignty. For 2,000 years, the region of the Southeast Asian highlands known as Zomia has housed over 100 million people in a cohesive culture without any central state, relying on a vast interpersonal market respecting material wealth as well as hard work and spiritual discipline. This brings us to the crux of the issue with Anarchy: human beings must be virtuous in order to be free. All people regardless of caste, color, or creed can agree that it is morally wrong to initiate violence against another conscious being. This as an ethical standard is known as the Non-Aggression Principle.  All determinations of JUSTICE as it applies to reality are found through the lens of this principle.

All modern forms of government, being institutionalized structures of aggressive violence, are anathema to LIBERTY. If we value Justice and Liberty as a species, then we cannot rely on government to make the world a better place. We stand here in 2014, with such vast and expanding resources as the internet, 3D printing, and low-cost renewable energy, and huge problems taking place on our planet that need to be addressed. We are being called to action. Claim your inner super-hero and realize that you are the change you wish upon the world. It’s time to stop the incessant arguing and get our hands dirty as individuals in whatever creative endeavor calls to us. We don’t need to overthrow the government, we only need to make it irrelevant.

That being said, the practical transition to a world of true Freedom cannot be achieved through violent revolution, nor can it be manifested through voting. Only by taking direct control over our own destiny in all its many facets as individuals can we enable the full expression of our collective human potential. In summary, we do not support violent means to achieve peaceful ends.



Any picture of JUSTICE that focuses entirely on the human species as the only one in existence, and omits the consciousness of animals in factoring the equation, is bound to be wobbly and incomplete because it is lacking TRUTH. If you look into the eyes of a pet dog or cat it is hard to deny that there is a conscious being looking back. Unless you’ve got some serious hard-wired left-brain dominance going on, it’s a self-evident fact.  The part that gets tricky for a lot of people is realizing that there is no meaningful difference between a dog and a cow when it comes to deciding which animals to eat or not eat. If you would eat both a dog and a cow, at least you’re philosophically consistent, but most people would probably be appalled at your behavior. Meanwhile there are places in the world where dogs are eaten and cows are sacred. Striving to eat neither the dog nor the cow, pig, chicken, turkey, deer, sea slug or any other animal is a philosophical attitude gaining prominence today known as being Vegan. This is a complex dietary and ethical discussion that we will attempt to summarize with the following:

Humans can survive on several different kinds of food. We have evolved to break down many types of organic compounds in order to maximize our potential diet portfolio for the purpose of  future evolution of the species. The brain, bones, skin, and nerves of the body all use small amounts of various trace minerals and elements in order to maintain specific functions for the component cells, so in general, variety of diet is good. Though there is no scientifically provable claim that any one particular diet is perfect for all human beings, all studies agree on a general axiom of advice: “Eat Food, Not Too Much, Mostly Plants.” The tendency of highly processed foods causing general ill health is obvious and has been documented thoroughly in books and documentaries. The argument for dietary health then comes to a debate over the merits of a Vegan diet consisting of all plant-based foods and more meat-centered diets like Paleo. That discussion boils down to a question of our views about human evolution: past, present, and future.

It is fortunate that humans can eat the meat of animals so that we may survive in an Ice Age or some other climate disruption during which time plant food could become scarce, causing starvation. In any stable planetary climate pattern, plant food must always be more abundant than the animals eating it. Furthermore, there is nothing in animal meat as far as nutrition goes that cannot be gained by eating plant-based living foods directly (including vitamin B12). Life force is the electrical charge held by living organisms that imparts nutrition when consumed, be it plant or animal in origin. This is why all carnivorous animals on planet earth eat muscle flesh raw and ripped from living or recently killed prey. No predator in nature, besides man, cooks the animal it kills for food. By comparison, quantities of life force can be quite easily consumed from a fresh tomato off the vine, or any other unprocessed plant foods. Such vital nutrients can be concentrated through practices like juicing.

The plants are the organisms of planet earth that correlate to the Sun, for they are the collectors and record-keepers of the light that shines from our local star. It is no mystical platitude to say that the Sun is the source of ALL LIFE ON EARTH and its energy is the purest form we may access. Meat itself is decaying flesh holding energy that the animal originally took from plants, who took their energy directly from the Sun.  There is evidence that human beings are capable of consuming sunlight directly through the eyes. In our perspective of upward evolution, we consider the path of Vegan to be harmonious with Earth.

It takes each person a different amount of time to realize the TRUTH inherent in a path that respects all conscious life in a lattice-grid network of symbiosis. Mankind’s existence is central to the web of life, we are tasked as farmers and gardeners to maintain the balance of Life on this planet. So, in summary, we do not advocate a single dietary plan for all people everywhere. It is not a realistic goal to believe everyone will become Vegan overnight. However, we believe it is important for people of all dietary persuasions, eating meat of whatever kind in whatever quantity, to find a way to become connected to their food and know where it comes from and what it’s made of. This is not an extreme suggestion, and GOOD FOOD TASTES AWESOME. It’s not like we’re asking you to eat peppercorns and mud all day. Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants. Deal?



Surely there are Anarchist Vegans out there, but many of them remain confused because they are often unaware of economics. Understand that some basic incentive system exists for spheres of human activity at any scale. As individuals, we seek to profit by our every daily action with satisfaction. Eating food, having shelter from the elements, and drinking clean water are all generally preferable aspects of living as a human being on planet Earth. Recognize that a seed profits by each cycle of night and day as it transforms the raw material of air and water to create Life. We all expand and contract by a universal cycle of growth. Nature is a marketplace of energy transactions, and we as human beings are not exempt from Natural Law.

In order to be faithful to TRUTH,  we must acknowledge the true meaning of words, not just the emotional connotations we associate with them. Today human beings maintain a habit of tossing around words without regard for their meaning. Capitalism in true form is exactly as defined above, a manner of economic exchange whereby individuals freely and voluntarily trade value for mutual benefit. Working for a wage or salary is trading a commitment of time for payment in accepted currency. Having the opportunity to trade our time for currency allows us to expand and improve areas of our lives that are lacking in satisfaction. If we are able to produce more value than we consume, then we earn the ability to conserve our produced value in the form of currency to invest in GOOD IDEAS like feeding hungry children (yours or others) and making the world more pleasant and beautiful in general. This ability to invest in good ideas at all scales is known as CAPITAL.

These days we have a media debate about raising the government-mandated minimum wage, but few acknowledge the perspective that history offers us in answering this question. In 1963, the year John F. Kennedy was assassinated, the federal minimum wage was $1.25. However, those five quarters were comprised of 90% silver. The same five quarters would be worth over $20 today in melt value alone, yet we debate about the federal government making a law to raise the minimum hourly payment of dollars that the federal government has made all but worthless. Something seems amiss.

Most people would agree that Capitalism and Communism are polar opposites. Karl Marx lists the establishment of a central bank as the fifth plank in the Communist Manifesto.  Yet, the United States of America, a supposed “free market capitalist” country has the Federal Reserve, a central bank that governs the issuance of credit (MONEY) to nearly every other bank in the world. The reason for this state of affairs, with the United States Dollar used all over the world as supreme world currency, is dependent upon the fact that all major oil purchases must be made using U.S. dollars, and the only thing that maintains that reality is the United States world military empire. The U.S. Navy fleet completely eclipses the naval fleets of all other governments in the world, combined. Thus the Federal Reserve is able to print as many U.S. dollars as the federal government can spend because nobody with half a brain would challenge the U.S. military in a contest of arms.

So we have violence on a global scale (world military empire) enabling a criminal and psychopathic group of ultra-wealthy human beings (directors of Fed-affiliated banks and major corporations) to declare by coercive force that billions of other humans starve in physical and/or mental poverty, and this is what we as a culture call Capitalism? Something is amiss.

The greatest hope we have when it comes to solving the problems we face as a species is in the spirit of entrepreneurship. The relative ease by which a human being may trade value freely without external arbitrary restraint is the measure of how much a human being can influence the world, for better or worse. Our best bet in promoting ethical behavior in the marketplace is by playing the role of conscious consumers, and being steadfast in our commitment to TRUTH in our words and actions and LIBERTY in our hearts and minds. Given the universal axiom of peaceful interaction symbolized in the non-aggression principle, Freedom is the only thing we can really all agree on.

I own my Self. I own the product of myself and the fruit of my own labor. I am free to trade my fruit for the fruit of others. I am free to defend my life and the lives of those I love by any means I see fit. All of these rights of property apply to you, dear reader, and to every human being on planet earth. What you do with your property is your business, but if you burn my house down, expect an early wake up call. To summarize: “DO NO HARM, AND TAKE NO SHIT.”


ANARCHO-VEGAN-CAPITALISM is a mouthful and a mindful for sure, but it isn’t really an extreme philosophy — rather it is growing all over the place. For an example of a private, voluntary association of humans managing a non-profit company that takes care of rescued farm animals, check out our latest episode of MANGO & SPACE PANTHER EXPLORE THE UNIVERSE as we visit Animal Place in Grass Valley, California.